Friday, September 28, 2007

"Sure I love Liam..."

How we roll in Long Street:

Sure I love Liam, but not as much as I love Pot Noodles. - Noel Gallagher

If I saw an alien, I'd tell it to fuck right off because whatever planet he came from they wouldn't have the Beatles or any decent fucking music. So they can fuck right off, I ain't going anywhere with them.
- Liam Gallagher

Interviewer: I have with me one of the stars of Oasis...
Noel Gallagher: What do you mean 'one' of the stars?


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hippies get punished for doing such foolish things....

In a world of pain. The shot is the last from a session with Cape Town's Ashtray Electric... we were doing an EP cover and a few flyer and poster options. After a quick perusal on the ol' Mac, we returned to the balcony for round two. I set up the timer and did a quick reference myself for height... just before the shutter clicked, so did my shoulder.

You can see the noise registering on the faces of the guys to my left, Wouter and Rupert. Rudi, under my right hand, is used to such injury and silliness. Reg, the tall drink of water next to him, is not... and had the unfortunate task of having to help pop my shoulder back into it's socket. Then he had to rotate it as it was somehow pinching a nerve.

Rock and roll... the lad in the foreground just called me a hippie online. So it goes. I may as well be, for the amount of pain pills I am tripping on.

Keep an eye out for the EP... out 19th October in the Mother City. Promise that there will be no animals harmed during the taking of the photos actually included in the booklet.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Morning You Look So Fine: ...

Nothing for today... too busy here. Too tired.



Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Morning You Look So Fine: Saul Williams

Though I should point out, this is as much a post about Tumi's lyrics as it is about those of Saul's. But there will be more of that soon... for now, the lyrics in mind were mentioned in answering a question I put to Tumi backstage: Why does he never rock a cordless? Later, I couldn't remember that they were Saul's (and its not as if he is some distant connection to make... I have seen him perform them at Oppikoppi). But I had Black Thought's words stuck in my head. So here they both are.

"Telegram to Hip Hop: Dear Hip Hop .(stop). This shit has gone too far. (stop). Please see that mixer and turntables are returned to Kool Herc. (stop). The ghettos are dancing off beat. (stop). The master of ceremonies have forgotten that they were once slaves and have neglected the occasion of this ceremony. (stop). Perhaps we should not have encouraged them to use cordless microphones, for they have walked too far from the source and are emitting a lesser frequency (stop). Please inform all interested parties that cash nor murder have been added to the list of elements. (stop). We are discontinuing our current line of braggadocio, in light of the current trend in "realness". (stop). As an alternative, we will be confiscating weed supplies and replacing them with magic mushrooms, in hopes of helping niggas see beyond their reality. (stop). Give my regards to Brooklyn." - Saul Williams

"... I plug in the mic, draw like a gunfight, I never use a cordless, or stand applaudless..." - The Roots


Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Morning You Look So Fine: Bob Dylan

Been a whole day since I got to listen to this, but it was a Monday morning scenario to start with... the good people at Sony BMG (thank you Paul) sent me a wee package that I collected from my agent, and although I couldn't play the song until later, these words have been in my head all day.

Funnily enough though, not the words of the song itself, but the little scenario that took place before it; I am speaking of the famous "Judas" version of Like A Rolling Stone, which I fist saw on the Scorsese documentary, No Direction Home (being watched by Hunter above, during Fokofpolisiekar's recording sessions for Swanesang).

Now I have the soundtrack, and the liner notes say it best: One of the most exciting performances ever captured... of Dylan dressing down his most famous heckler before turning to the juggernaut that is his band and imploring them to roll across the nay-sayers. Play it loud.

They got one thing wrong though...

Heckler: Judas!

Dylan: (to heckler) I don't believe you... you're a liar!

Dylan: (to The Band) Play it fucking loud!


Monday, September 03, 2007

Monday Morning You Look So Fine: Bed On Bricks.

Having been aptly named by Rebecca Kahn as the "tallest band in the land", Bed On Bricks back up their stature with more than just sheer size... they have an uncanny ability to look like a bunch of guys from Cape Town with little interest in posturing, that can take a stage and practically burn it down, no matter the time-slot or location.

This year's Oppikoppi was no exception; a mellow exchange backstage, and then the guys had the crowd in the palm of their hands. It's grand to see a band like this just deliver... with all the hype and chutzpah that surround bands new and old, it is a pleasure to meet a bunch of okes who let their music do the talking.

"Seems like just the other day,
I was inspired with what we had to say,
All the flavours came together as one...

They don't say "fuck" on the radio." - Bed On Bricks

That, and my daughter always insists on playing "Oom Mike" on my iPod when in the car... namely, the song "Funny". Check it out on their MySpace, and check here for my updates.