Saturday, December 06, 2008

The View From The Floor.

A hard time, perhaps. Spent last night unpacking, and then again this morning; books of years ago, '99 in Sunnyside. A Buddhist shrine. A whole lotta soul music, rare bootleg

T-shirts. Well, shirt.

Hidden messages, differing time zones, reading between the lines. January is a long way away... a part of me wishes I was going with a friend to Japan; he's off to see family, I wouldn't mind taking a turn past Kōtoku-in, seeing the giant Buddha.

But you take
your reference where you find it. Shifted a whole lot of that recently in regards to Sigur Rós these past few, and Oasis even. There was someone who placed a very uncomfortable weight on Don't Look Back In Anger for me, with their backhanded self-importance... that now is gone. That, and Listen Up, Noel singing it unprepared on MTV of all things, for those of you who know... the understanding of the difference between want and need, is where it got me. That, and Brigid loves when I sing it LOUD in the car.

"Listen up, what's the time,
Said today I'm gonna speak my mind.
Take me up to the top of the world,

I wanna see my crime

Sailing down a river alone,

I've been trying to find my way back home
But I don't believe in magic, life is automatic

But I don't mind being on my own
No, I don't mind being on my own"
- Oasis

There's a lot of rambling here, but there are those who understand. It's early in some places, and there are sofas still unmade... Brigid and I are off to the park.

It's early? It's late? It's time to get up.



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