Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Morning You Look So Fine: Bob Dylan

Been a whole day since I got to listen to this, but it was a Monday morning scenario to start with... the good people at Sony BMG (thank you Paul) sent me a wee package that I collected from my agent, and although I couldn't play the song until later, these words have been in my head all day.

Funnily enough though, not the words of the song itself, but the little scenario that took place before it; I am speaking of the famous "Judas" version of Like A Rolling Stone, which I fist saw on the Scorsese documentary, No Direction Home (being watched by Hunter above, during Fokofpolisiekar's recording sessions for Swanesang).

Now I have the soundtrack, and the liner notes say it best: One of the most exciting performances ever captured... of Dylan dressing down his most famous heckler before turning to the juggernaut that is his band and imploring them to roll across the nay-sayers. Play it loud.

They got one thing wrong though...

Heckler: Judas!

Dylan: (to heckler) I don't believe you... you're a liar!

Dylan: (to The Band) Play it fucking loud!



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