Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Morning You Look So Fine: The Constantines

"O young lions, this is your kingdom.
Every beast has its poison, every line has its victim..."

Still on the topic of lions? This past weekend has been a further revelation as to why I love this country, it's languages, it's music. And, of course, Oppikoppi. More on that to come (plenty more... I shot a lot of work while there) but for now the surreal will have to do...

Speaking of language, there were some of those that heard me on Radio Sonder Grense this night. I was a guest on the arts program Die Tweede Beweging, with Maja Marx and Johann Botha. It was a blast, though I was most likely off my tits on cough drops and Red Bull, as a result of battling through flu I'd picked up at the festival (which likewise affected most of Fokofpolisiekar.) Was a great discussion nonetheless, as I did my best to answer questions as to theory and methodology in Afrikaans; I hope I did the language justice. I seem to remember a weird fishing analogy that came through...

Another aspect of the show was getting to play my own selection of music; given that I talk so much, I got to play significantly less that I planned, but here's what eventually made it on:

Sodom & Gomorrah - Valiant Swart
Space Walk - Kidofdoom
What They Want - Tumi
Young Lions - The Constantines

Valiant, because that track is what kept me driving sane on the way to 'Koppi at 1 in the morn; Kidofdoom, because they had a legendary set at the festival, truly epic, and the song has in the past been dedicated to me, so I have a soft spot for it; Tumi, as he is a pioneer when it comes to MC'ing with a live band, yet was the only MC at 'Koppi this year to play with a DJ (and he ripped it); and The Constantines, as they are inspirational in their composition, performance and lyricism.

"Stumbling through the city with the ordinary birds...
Loosen your collar, shake off the wires.
Run like a river, glow like a beacon fire." - The Constantines



Blogger Lynn said...

Pity one can't give kudos on this blog Liam, I'd have given you 10 for playing Valiant - how excellent was his set with Oom Ollie at 'koppi? :D

Blogger Liam Lynch said...

I missed it... I was shooting over the hill with them Hip Hop lads... but I had a very nice chat with him before hand in the media tent, and given the nature of what we spoke of, I think he would have forgiven me.


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