Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday Morning You Look So Fine: Ian Brown

"I’m alone in the country,
Took a walk in the country,
All alone in the country,
Blade of grass in the country..."

Not that these lyrics are going to make sense to anyone, but Ian Brown is perhaps appropriate for that... certainly the lyrics of just about ANY song of his have meaning for me, as his beats and all seem to somehow aid my thinking. Was rescued by him throughout London... iPod always in as I hit the underground, ala the video for Be There.

Anyhow, the lyrics of Lions first hit me when I got home from England... and they still resonate for me when I am planning something, mulling it over... bedroom vibes. If you know it, you'll get it. Like the image above... a very surreal sunset that, in the dust near a Buddhist temple... more to come on that later. It will all make sense, trust me.

Anyway, I also picked Lions as Ian Brown can also bring out my tendency to get browned off at others (excuse the pun) and this track seemed safe enough in it's obscurity. But...

"I’ll call you home,
Then you start delivering,
Taking my time then you start your quibbling,
Now I know your meddling, you’re still back pedaling,

I should have quit you a long long time ago,
There are no lions in England..." - Ian Brown.

Oh well... no offence intended. If you know the Ian Brown and Stone Roses story, it'll carry weight. If not? Buy headphones. Walk head well down. And check here for updates.



Blogger Warren van Rensburg said...

Hey, is this the stuff you shot at the rodeo for Lowveld Living? Its fucken ill.

Blogger Liam Lynch said...

Yeah, some of the colour stuff that I was really happy with. More to come, but I just wanted to reference something oblique in the meantime, before it goes to print.

Blogger Liam Lynch said...

Oh, I found out it was Highveld... seems there are two!


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