Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Morning You Look So Fine: Justice

Not the kind of band one might expect to see referenced for their lyrical expertise, if you know Justice at all. As dance music goes, they are apparently mildly controversial "for incorporating a strong rock influence into their music and image." That should set at ease those who associate me rather strongly with rock & roll, but my current loving of this band (and the song below in particular) is largely thanks to Ben, and a little mix of his that I picked up, which kicks off with the Justice track D.A.N.C.E. This track featured (did it not?) at the latest Sovereign Academy party that took place Friday night in Pretoria, and Ben played it the next day as well when he DJ'd at a walk-through I did with Hunter Kennedy of Fokofpolisiekar at the Rooke Gallery (where we all looked a bit the worse for wear after hitting it hard the previous night.)

Seen above with Ben is Loucas. I had no idea Loucas was DJ'ing, but he represents another example of what a small world it is (along with a smoking Johan to the left, the drummer of Kidofdoom) as he now skates for Familia, and will be featuring in a little project I am busy on in the year ahead. That said, I need more coffee. It is going to take more than banging beats to wake me up this morning. But hey... on to the lyrics:

'Do the DANCE (do the dance),
The way you move is a mystery,
Do the DANCE (do the dance),
You're always there for music and me.' - Justice

If that makes absolutely no sense to you, I suggest you catch the video here, or make sure you have your dancing shoes on and are present and correct at the next Sovereign Academy.

In the meantime, I might well be posting some more photos from that night soon... check for updates here, right at the bottom.



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