Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Morning You Look So Fine: Oasis.

Rudi knows me better than most. I’m a cunt. Or, at least, I often appear to be. Given the nature of much of what I photograph, and the ways of means of popular and/or counter-culture, I often come across those who assume they know (for the purposes of the conversations they have with me) what I will, and should, say. They’re often wrong.

This leaves me having to explain why I don’t have to like what, or who, they thought I would. I do what I do. I don’t really want to have to explain it, especially having been put on the spot of late for explaining things I wasn’t even trying to explain. Not so much putting the cart in front of the horse, as right-square-on-fucking top of it. Poor horse.

Now, I can dumb down my responses and observations for the lowest common denominator, but I have a certain degree of insight. Some of it earned, some of it learnt, the latter from my soon-to-be-ex wife. She’s a very capable, very intelligent woman; a psychologist, Masters (with distinction) behind her, Doctorate just ahead, internationally published and a lecturer now to boot. She’s done much to lecture me in the past as to the nature of transference, and projection, and how it manifests itself in day to day life; mine included. Oh boy… does it ever.

I have seen this happen on a much grander scale with Fokofpolisiekar, in their interactions with people who "know" them, or "know" what to expect of them… and I realized I don’t want to have to see it in my own life. So I decided to build a wall between me and just about everyone else. That wall, more often than not, is my personality; though it’s nothing personal… except when it is. Call it the
Oasis Method… something more than just a name I have in common with Liam Gallagher.

Rudi gets that. I wish more people did.

I carry a madness
Everywhere I go.

Over the border
And back to the snow.

So if you see me
And I look right through,
You shouldn’t take it
As a reflection on you.

Come on, turn up the sun.

Turn it up for everyone.
Love one another…
” – Oasis



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