Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Looking Back.

It's been a long month. Been busy the whole time (most of it, anyway) with Fokofpolisiekar, working on their In Studio Diary. The rest of it has been taken up with flu. Between the band, and illness, I have little time for else, even this blog. I have a host of missed shoots and plans that stretch back to the last post... Hell, I even got a comment for this one before finishing it... (thanks Charmaine). If you are a fan of the boys, or even just a newspaper-reading-resident of South Africa, you'll know some of the insane debate that has surrounded the band since Ol' Snake took a dive out of a moving vehicle (though for other actions that took place that night, not for Snake's accident).

The debate rages on, and it remains to be seen what it'll boil down to, if it boils down at all. As debates go, I'd like to know what Bob Dylan would have to say; I know Hunter would. In any case, if you are a fan of the music of Fokofpolisiekar, or at least, a fan of the right to Freedom of Speech (or Privacy, or even "Religion" for that matter) then do yourself and them a favour and go here, to Mk89's site. Where it says "Jou Opinie", in a block on the right, you can vote to keep Fokofpolisiekar's videos on this predominantly Afrikaans M-TV format station. You can also vote to remove them, if you so choose... After all, the choice is yours. But if you are someone who actually values choice then I am sure you will take the same route I did and click on "Soek meer van hulle" (which translates to "Want more of them" for those mates of mine sans Afrikaans). If not, go burn a book or something.

You can also vote at least once a day... Something that may become necessary considering the weight the conservative Christian right are throwing behind their stance on the issue. So it goes... please take time to register (if that is required) and make a difference, and while you are there, check if my photo gallery is up yet.