Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Morning You Look So Fine: Oasis.

Oh yes... them again...

Appropriate... there are updates and explanations that are required; for a start, I had no idea there were so many that read my blog, and would mail as to why it had run dry of late...

Just quickly for now, before I run off again... awards, evil housing lawyers, visa issues, no Norway, temporary passports success, yes Swaziland, Hope's Voice, rewarding work, rewarding people, 9 women and further developments, colours sold and the nobility of a savage hand?

Mexico city?

Too much too say for now, but I promise updates, both current and post-dated...

Lord, don't slow me down...

"I'm tired and I'm sick,
Got a habit that I just can't kick,
Feel hungover and I'm all in love
When the lights go down I'm gonna shoot 'em up.

Don't be afraid,
You gotta keep dreaming in the bed you made And if it tastes like shit
Well, it beats sleeping rough on the floor..." - Oasis