Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hippies get punished for doing such foolish things....

In a world of pain. The shot is the last from a session with Cape Town's Ashtray Electric... we were doing an EP cover and a few flyer and poster options. After a quick perusal on the ol' Mac, we returned to the balcony for round two. I set up the timer and did a quick reference myself for height... just before the shutter clicked, so did my shoulder.

You can see the noise registering on the faces of the guys to my left, Wouter and Rupert. Rudi, under my right hand, is used to such injury and silliness. Reg, the tall drink of water next to him, is not... and had the unfortunate task of having to help pop my shoulder back into it's socket. Then he had to rotate it as it was somehow pinching a nerve.

Rock and roll... the lad in the foreground just called me a hippie online. So it goes. I may as well be, for the amount of pain pills I am tripping on.

Keep an eye out for the EP... out 19th October in the Mother City. Promise that there will be no animals harmed during the taking of the photos actually included in the booklet.



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