Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Throw stones at a can, whistle."

Though I have yet to hold a copy in my hands, I gather Highveld Living has finally published the images I shot of rodeo cowboys... in the highveld! I alluded to it back here, though tried to keep it to myself in the meantime and not blog the hell out of it before it was even published.

When I first showed these images to curators and colleagues, they naturally seemed out of place in a South African context; the first reference made was that they reminded one of a "70's Geographic story", no doubt ala William Albert Allard. Funnily enough, after shooting them in July, I came across these on the site of David Alan Harvey in October, from a story he shot for National Geographic... some images are iconic, I guess...

Oh, and for those that were wondering, the title is a line by Clark Gable, from
The Misfits.



Blogger Warren van Rensburg said...

This stuff is amazing, enough said.

Blogger aNaY said...

I agree with Warren... and would like to see more!! There is a special mood in that light....

Blogger Marc Morris said...

did you shoot these in bronkhorstspruit or like rayton somewhere?

Blogger Liam Lynch said...

As soon as I see the mag, I will run more of the photos... both how they were used and what was left out (but that I wish was not...)

Near Bronkhrostspruit, just near the highway into town.


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