Sunday, December 23, 2007

"For each a road..."

After dislocating my arm down in Cape Town (AGAIN!) and having suffered similar mishaps over the last few years, I decided to get myself back in shape... after all, I have crossed over the "big 3-0" line, and have started to notice that everyone around me (of the same age) is either a parent (check) and sporting some extra waistline (not check... and I intend to keep it that way for some time.)

So... in a gesture of contempt for gyms of the modern age, I took up running; just upped and bought a pair of shoes one day after sitting with my father, who has both a Two Oceans and a Comrades to his credit.

Their have been time that my knees have regretted this decision; but I am hooked. Part of that is the Nike+ thingy that clips into the bottom of an iPod... it has helped me keep track of my running (at least, the last 5 runs I have been using it on) and keep me motivated. Now if only I can get Snake convinced enough to get one, and we can challenge each other across the country. By the way, the shot above (taken tonight just after the run) is of one the things I get to see on foot that I would miss otherwise... though it can be hard to appreciate after 5 km's and a hill climb that had me convinced I was running on the spot...

Oh, and since there has been someone that asked... my "powersong" is Ian Brown's F.E.A.R. Word.



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