Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Morning You Look So Fine: The Charlatans.

Bought some songs online this weekend... managed to track some old Charlatans songs I had lost. They were one of those British bands that never made it as big as, say, Oasis, but were a key part of the whole baggy era... and of course, they played with Oasis at Knebworth. They have been on my mind for ages now... Blunted Stuntman included them in a mix at Oppikoppi, and seemed surprised that I initially mistook them for The Stone Roses (it had been ages since I had heard them, and I wasn't the only one, okay.)

Turns out their style is really good for running too... but more on that later.

"The only one I know
Never cries, never opens her eyes
The only one I know
Wide awake and then she's away.

The only one I see
Is mine when she walks down our street
The only one I see
Has carved her way into me." - The Charlatans



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