Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Morning You Look So Fine: A King.

Actually wrote this the Tuesday following, but the same applies... I got an advance copy of A King's Dutch Courage while doing the shoot above, and I have had it on heavy rotation since... and my guess is if you follow the music of Fokofpolisiekar, yet lean more towards English as a mother tongue, you will do the same when you get yourself a copy. Laudo Liebenberg (standing on his own) will be familiar to many who saw Francois Van Coke play solo, having accompanied him. Well, this is what he had up his sleeve all that time, with Hunter and Snake (both of Fokofpolisiekar) also in the band, along with Hennie on bass. Make sure you do not miss them when they come by... the album is going to strike a chord with those that list The Boss, Thin Lizzy and even Big Country amongst their favourites. And when you hear the lyrics below, your jaw will drop...

"I have fallen behind,
My every breath fuels my demise,
A futile attempt to repent,
I must have lost my kind,
Seek and you shall find
A messiah to remind you
That deliverance is an open door,
You can choose to go inside..."
- A King

Laudo and Hunter are basically showing, as people whose home language is Afrikaans, that all those souties who decried Fokof as a lyrical gimmick are about to eat their words; a poor meal in comparison to those of A King.



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