Saturday, December 29, 2007

Frontier Ambition Vibes...

Zander and I have been trying to suss out a road trip since the end of 2006... we like travelling and shooting the breeze, usually, but there were circumstances in that year that led us to put everything on hold for a while. Looks like we are over that, though we have left it up until the last minute (as usual.)

But we seem to like the pressure that way... and the coffee.

So yeah... we are off to the coast tomorrow morning early, "frontier country" as that part of the Eastern Cape is called...

See you in the New Year...



Blogger aNaY said...

That's great! Hope you feel wild and free on the road. That's a nice way of starting the new year! And come back with your pocket full of good moments and pictures with soul!

Smiles for the road! ;-)

Blogger OMTD said...

Enjoy the road trip.
Hope you pick up some Beaver Creek along the way...

Blogger Liam Lynch said...

ANA: Thanks... it was great; though things did get out of hand... hooked up with a rock band playing a New Year's Eve show that also was a getaway holiday for the members and myself... Woke up at about 7 am on the 31st and eventually passed out at 11am on the 1st; have photos though.

Hope yours was a wonderful New Year's Eve as well.

LINDA: Easy there... not everyone knows Beaver Creek is a coffee plantation and that I am obsessed with the bean; one might assume that was a not too subtle code for tour excess. (Oh, and I was only near Kenton... Beaver Creek is in KwaZulu, past Port Edward from where I was... maybe next time ;-) )



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