Wednesday, April 12, 2006

On A Wing.

Off to Oppikoppi tomorrow. There with a few others for the weekend. Not that you give a shit (and not that I have been as current of late) but if you miss looking at photos, check out Pijin. As far as photos go (especially digital) it is interesting to see how this community grows. Sign up, as there is little hassle associated, and see what some of the boyBlack lads have cooked up for you this time; A true democracy of images. favourites shift and change, and new members are constantly joing... what makes it interesting is how one can interact, gain feedback, and also see the effect of random reaction. Give it a try...

For Mark, and Dom, and Mr Drakes... I actually meant to put something up that night of the
Lark show, but got obsessed with Pijin until 08:00 in the morning. So here are a few shots. Can certainly see that I was coming down off the flu... nothing special, but some moments I'm fond of. Inge is a powerful presence on stage, and Paul and Fuzzy create a hell of a soundscape for her to roam. That said, I kinda stuck to my corner backstage and shot/watch the show. It can get kinda tricky to shoot Tings when only the house lights are in place.

Anyway, I'm going to try and keep the blog more up-to-date with what I am busy on, all in the run up to a new site and portfolio, et al. As soon as I can finalise what I'm looking for, the skills at Breath Of Fresh Air will be handling the new one. I'm keen to see what they come up with. At the moment though, I hardly feel up to anything... maybe those herbal sleeping pills are working. In any case, I really need some shut-eye.

See you at the 'Koppi.



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