Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Towering Workload.

Watched a documentary the other day, on the scientific theory concerning parallel universes. The big debate seemed to revolve around the possibility of an 11th dimension... I reckon once you get past 4, then there has to be at least a THIRD end of the candle to burn; 'cos I've certainly been buring it at "both". The SlashDogs have early prep-work of their new promo shots to see on their site; somebody certainly put some extra sugar in their coffee, and they are going to be a band to watch this year. Likwise Fokofpolisiekar who, despite their setbacks regarding their drummer's injury, are currently in the studio prepping their next single, and the run-up to their next album. You can check out their in-studio diary, with my pics, here. Also, there's a wealth of work to come out soon in Session Magazine, concerning the Familia tour... that'll be on the shelves next month.

But as the rain rolls in AGAIN, I have to say that what I've really been feeling of late is my work from Soweto. I saw it as a chance to get back to my "roots", such as they are, formed from working with documentary photographers like Omar Badsha and those at South Photographs, and trying to turn my journalism degree towards a career in political reporting. That said, I also saw it as a bit of a break from shooting youth culture and, more specifically, music and entertainment within youth culture. How odd then that my favourite work from my recent time in Soweto should be these two shots. Not a militant youth group, as one might surmise from the camouflage, but a dance troupe, preforming in a competition held in a community hall, at the foot of Oppenheimer Tower in Jabulani.

More to come.



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