Monday, January 30, 2006

Murder Called.

Been doing a bit of work, of late, for Murdercall Records. I last shot Man In Suit in Cape Town for them, and was quite stoked to be heading back down again, this time to shoot two new signings to the indie label. First up was The Scare. I'd never seen them, and had little idea of what their aesthetic was... still had a site to sort and all. In situations like that, it can be tricky to come up with a idea for the shoot... when I'm shooting cold, I prefer to at least have the advantage of a studio environment. But, we tried the angle of playing on their name a bit, and did the shoot in Tyger Valley's parking lot; there's more to the in-joke there as well, but I will keep it to myself for now. Still, I would like to do more with them... will take care of that when I see them live at the Knife Fight Fest in March, where I will be the official photographer. Joy!

The other band, The Horror Cast, was also shot at Tyger Valley. That might well make sense for those that know Cape Town. While it is a mall, it's been a focal point of the scene in Cape Town's Northern Suburbs in the past... all ages shows were regularly held at the mall's skate park, and you can find assorted band members of half the groups in the North working there. It's a mecca for teen angst and alternative music, and that's not a piss take; Emo Kid Josh, Love Hunter, Neshamah, New World Inside, Fokofpolisiekar, The Horror Cast, The Scare, 5 Star Society, Aftertaste, Tonight We Die, Heart Fiction... the list goes on and on for bands that can trace a branch of the family tree back there in some way. Anyway, these guys had an idea of what they wanted to try, all 80's horror, which allowed us to mess with the theme, ala Friday The 13th. Took my old hockey mask down for the shoot... it wound up becoming a friend's house-warming gift.



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