Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"... I DO Know When I'll Be Back Again..."

At the airport, leaving on a jetplane. Tired out... I feel like Hunter looks. It's been a crazy few days... due to unexpected changes in plans, I wasn't really as able to update as I would have liked. But at least I have been busy: The Scare and The Horror Cast for Murdercall Records; Fokofpolisiekar (three shoots) for them and their label; The Wild Eyes for Stage Magazine; Tykoon Suit for Blunt Magazine... even got to go to a launch party for a magazine that interviewed me, as well as pick up some Levi's, a Man In Suit CD and tattoos along the way. Sweet.

Everytime I'm in Cape Town, I feel like I don't get a chance to touch down enough. This time is no different. Crashing in the 'burbs keeps me from shooting more street stuff. Hopefully, with a lot of friends moving into the city bowl, I will be able to rectify that in the near future. Links, shots and list of flea bites to follow.



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