Sunday, January 22, 2006

I'd Like To Thank The Academy.

A friend sent word... the results of the Make Some Noise alternative music awards for 2005 are up here. I’m quite stoked, as I took Best Photographer, and Best Music Journo. Plus, they used one of the oddest photos of me I have ever seen, taking the piss with Paul Gioia, in Rooftop Studios, while recording. So thanks to everyone who voted, and thanks to Make Some Noise. They started off as a music magazine, and then redirected their efforts into that of a thriving online community, the place to be for the darker side of the South African music scene. As far as alternative music goes in SA, you’d be surprised how many artists and fans you’ll regularly find posting there.

Speaking of artists; there are some further connections in the awards listed that I’d like to mention: The magazine I string for, Blunt, won Best Magazine; the Rockstar Award went to Francois of Fokofpolisiekar (with my photo used); Best CD Release Artwork Local went to The SlashDogs, for which I shot the images, though the design work was done by the Reverend Wright, shown here to the left; Best Front Person went to Francois, with Best Guitarist going to Andreas Smit, of Forever Will Burn (also with my picture); The SlashDogs also won Best Album Local for "Spilled Blood Calls For Vengeance"; and Best Video Local went to Fokof, with one of my most insane action shots of them live used to depict the acoustic video. Odd that, though I’m glad that photo is seeing the light of day.



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