Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Missing Day... The Morning After.

Just realised that there was a day left off of the Fokofpolisiekar tour journal. I had originally inteded to post "the morning after" along with the rest of the updates concerning the Voelvryf Toer, but I think Dreamweaver died on my laptop. Something like that. Regardless, rather than update the original tour journal, I though I would add the shots here. Everything was taken after about four in the morning. While most of the band and crew had to drive through to Port St. Johns the night after the show, some of them were flying all over the country... first to go was Johnny, and his flight was at some ridiculously early time. So, it was decided to deurnag, and after just chilling with the guys for a while, I decided to get my camera. This is him, strong like a lion, in the backpacker's in Durban.

It's in instances like this that I consider myself a lucky person. These are the shots I like to get, of anyone around me, regardless of their "celebrity" status. Fokof, I like to think, are used to me, and trust me to use my own discretion. That said, I know many of my shots don't exactly add to the glamour, but I have never heard a complaint from the band... they accept what is real, no matter how drunk, sleep deprived or unawares I catch them. Though, not always unawares... it seems I've got a million shots of Francois gurning.

It's shots like these that I cherish though; not the greatest of photos, but important to me nonetheless. The bigger the band get, the more nutters pitch up on the periphery. And they have soome pretty wierd shit to say. For example, there has been the odd rumour floating round concerning Snake's fidelity while on tour. While it's not my job to defend him, I have spent more than enough time hanging around with him across the country, and I have yet to meet a musician more devoted to his girl. Here, he takes Lindy to bed after she fell asleep on an armchair. It's not very "rock & roll", but it's very him. Besides, he makes up for his avoiding groupies with other insane behaviour.

Lindy wasn't the only female on tour... here's Pini, Wynand's girlfriend. It was a bonus for me that she came along. I get a huge kick from hanging with her, but hardly ever get to see her, except briefly when in Cape Town. She takes shit from no one, and this has led at times to others getting the impression that she's overly hardcore. Fact is, she's got a heart of gold, and one of the least judgemental people I have ever met. Just don't cross anyone she cares for though. With her is Rudy. He and I go way back... when I first went on tour with the forerunners of Fokofpolisiekar, New World Inside, he and I go to know one anther. That was 2002, and we still remain friends, though we hardly see each other, except for the odd tour. Rudy is the perfect roadie... if something is wrong, from an amp to the mood, he becomes obsessed with fixing it. Sorted, like.

Of course, try as they might, they had played six shows in a row. Johnny seemed to be maintaining, but Francois was fading fast. Most of the time though, looks can be decieving. Franny has more energy than any other frontman I have ever met. He's usually the mot pumped before a show, goes off like a nutter while he's up there, and then clowns around 'til sunrise after the show. One of the few that can keep up with me, it seems, though with the amount of coffee I drink, I think my liver will soon put an end to that.

This shot was taken at five in the morning. Hunter looks dead on his feet, but Wynand is still going... still drinking too, it seems. Right after this they left for Durban International. I had run out of pace on my card as well... this was the last shot of the tour. I only had to fly back later in the day, but luckily Hanu was still in town, and he offered me a lift to the airport, so that I didn't have to sit there for six hours.

Well, that's that. If you are a Fokof fan, leave a comment, I'd like to know what you think of the beind the scenes stuff. Sometimes it seems all fans want are live shots, which is ironic, as they usually get to see that themsleves.



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