Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Throw Me A Bone.

Just got an email from an old friend, and realised there was one band I had shot of late that I've said nothing about in a long time. Hands up if you know Fuzigish. Jay Bones, pictured here, let me know he likes the blog. Typical of him to reply in private, and not just post a comment. There are those of us here that think he's one of the most natural songwriters out, and yet he's the complete antithesis of a "rockstar", in person and on stage... totally down to earth, he typically flashed me a huge, cheesy grin after I got this shot.

It can be a mission to catch him in "action"... what with bassist Chest Rockwell going off, and two trombon(ists?) on stage that both must qualify as clinically insane, he kinda gets lost in the whirlwind. As a result, I find it hard to shoot Fuzi sometimes... like in this shot (which I don't fully like), which goes a small way to showing how crazy it gets onstage. At one point, Bones almost had his leg set on fire as the juggling got out of hand... literally.

That said, they are one of those bands that always has me reaching for the camera once I've put it away. Even though I had not particularly planned to shoot them that night, such was the energy of the show, I had to get a few. They really connect with the crowd, and can get them to go crazy. I should know; I've gotten so pumped during a Fuzi show, I've stagedived with my camera in pursuit of Nick Da Fool, their roadie-cum-good luck charm; that's him looking furtive in the corner.

So thanks for the props J; these are for you.



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