Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mud, Sweat & Tears.

Last night of the Tuks Jool, at least as far as the live bands go. Pouring with rain at times, sodden with mud the rest. But you gotta love Jool... it's all about the crowd:

Fans start to gather for the live bands.

Few can work them like Hanu, of The Narrow.

Wynand of Fokofpolisiekar gets the crowd cheering for Snake, the drummer...

... and then psyches them up again later, with the help of Francois.

Worn out, three songs to go.

All told though, it was a night of disasters for me. Long story about Soweto, early today, which will come later. But during the course of the night; my Palm died, my booster cut out power to my camera, my portable drive refused to backup my CF cards, and by pure fluke my camera wiped clean one of my cards while I was discarding images to make space for later bands.

I lost almost all my shots of The Narrow. This meant I had to skip Skwatta Kamp, whom I really wanted to see.

Then, I got a pounding headache, realised I had forgotten my earplugs, and somehow failed to see in colour for Fokofpolisiekar... so I switched to black & white for the rest of the night.

Now I'm cleaning mud off everything and hating the world. Well, not everyone. Thanks to Annelie (and Carel and Misha) of Oppikoppi, who organised the event and got me in after a hurried phone call from Soweto.



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