Wednesday, February 15, 2006

In Die Pad Val.

Usually, the title of this post serves as an Afrikaans expression, in a figurative sense. In English, it would mean the same as "to hit the road". In this case, it translates to pretty much the same in a literal sense... especially when one hits the road at 70 km/h.

Snake seems to be doing alright, for the most part. The nurses love him, he's the only one in his ward with a TV remote, his brother drops by often, and he has a pile of Hunter S. Thompson books to wade through. He even has a brush (branded "Pretty Woman") to take care of his hair. You think bed head can get unruly, try hospital bed head. But yeah; otherwise alright. His arm, on the other hand, is stuffed. Clean break at the elbow, and more roasties than a cub scout braai. Email your "get well"s here if you have any (I'm sure the band will get them to him) and remember... don't get out of moving cars.



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