Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"I Ain't Nothing But Tired..."

So exhausted these days, hence my lack of updates. I seem stuck in a bizarre cycle of nightly insomnia, sprinkled with a taste of daytime narcolepsy. At first, this made sense in connection to how I seemed to get hit by flu three times in a row. But my flu symptoms have been gone a week or so now, yet I still feel like I've been run down by a truck. I'm actually thinking I may have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome... good ol' Yuppie Flu. Shite.

I seem to be constantly skipping/missi
ng stories and opportunities for shoots. At least I have a good backlog coming out... like the above shot of Gavin Morgan of Familia, to be seen in the latest issue of Session (either on the VCD or in the mag itself... I'm not sure which, but you'll get both if you buy it). That aside, I need to get my shit together... keep an eye out in the next few days for work on TMAS (now that the television show is drawing to a close), Lark (soon to hit Gauteng in general) and The Narrow, just arrived back from overseas. Saw Hanu today, all jetlagged from LA to London to Jozi, and still chipper. Could do with some of that energy.

Hell... I have too much to do, including shooting Reason to Live, Man In Suit and some more stuff for Familia. Keep an eye out for that... hooked up with an' ol' Wolmer days buddy, Oros Roux for a Familia shoot. What was a short time behind the camera, basically turned into hanging out all day, talking about good times. Great... now I feel tired and old.



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