Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Morning You Look So Fine: The Clash.

The Clash... and the long road there. No power in the house, no chance to work, so I have been bumming out with an injured knee watching Weeds on my iPod. Fell in love with the theme by Malvina Reynolds... and in the second series, the version by Elvis Costello (was going to name Brigid "Declan", by the way, if she was a boy).

Anyways, got to listening to more Elvis, particularly the hard-line reggae stylings of Watching The Detectives... which then had me listening to Sandinista (partially One More Time... straight into One More Dub, with Mikey Dread) and then naturally, drifted into Bankrobber. Why not?

Could have gone for Stone Roses or Ian Brown after that, as they were present at the recordings... but how you going to walk away from this:

"Some is rich, and some is poor,
That's the way the world is.

But I don't believe in lying back

Sayin' how bad your luck is...

Run rabbit run...

Strike out boys,
For the hills

I can find that hole in the wall
And I know that they never will."
- The Clash

By the way, the shot is from pissing about with my brother... a game ranger, who was leading us back to the vehicle after taking us within 15 or so metres of some White Rhino (a male and a female) while on a walk. I was freezing, and well aware of the speed difference between that of my little legs and an irate rhino.

My brother is well 'ard.



Blogger Anna Thackray said...

Thanks its my right knee also. hopefully you won't need surgery and if you do they might just sew the meniscus back together again. They removed most of mine which means I will get Arthritis when I am 50 (they say...ha-ha I will proof them wrong)

I have been in surgery 3 times in the last six months... knee injuries is a bitch, look after the knee, oh and more important look after the left knee its doing double the job it did before. Let me know if you need any info on the operation as I am somewhat of a pro on this now.


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