Saturday, May 12, 2007

Louis Bolling (For Dazed & Confused : Japan)

In The Words of
The Coach: "In 1993 on what appeared to be a random day, I was informed by a friend that 'my man' has AIDS. I found out that the person he was speaking of was Arthur Ashe and I was dumbfounded. I was curious to know more about the disease that I thought only affected those that lived promiscuous lives. So when I found out how he had contracted the disease, blood transfusion, my curiosity grew. I have always been a curious mind and even in the face of such devastation my mind wanted to learn more. So I sought out ways to learn about the disease, primarily through sports programs or initiatives that involved sport with the ultimate hope of seeking ways to bring awareness and prevention. I've volunteered with organizations hosting fundraisers to support their respective awareness initiatives in various US cities. Arthur Ashe's legacy encompasses so much more than HIV/AIDS and I wanted to personally contribute to his legacy.

"Now living in South Africa, being one of the most recognized countries with an HIV/AIDS problem and my interests in tennis, marrying the two wasn't a challenge. As a result of communicating with his widow, I am now inspired to work with Nkosi's Haven and have an interest in enhancing the lives of their youth through sporting activities. My only real connection to HIV/AIDS is through Arthur Ashe, as I see it. I know of friend's relatives that have been infected; however their stories weren't personal to me. I know to many people it may seem like hmm sport and the fight of this virus, but getting young people to have an alternative to life and greater interests and ultimately just playing and seeing their bodies in a better light, I feel plays a role however small in keeping kids off the street and seeing the world in a different light. I guess what I am saying is that we all have our little part to play and while what I do wont make a UNICEF bill, or whatever it still doesn’t make it insignificant. There are different levels and stages to every fight, this is one level to the fight against HIV/Aids."



Blogger Gontse said...

WOW! Well written. It's not about joining some "Fighting AIDS" group on Facebook but rather about acting!

Blogger Liam Lynch said...

Indeed... the text is all from Louis' interview with Lee for Dazed & Confused Japan.

I have a lot of respect for the guy.



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