Monday, February 19, 2007

Totally Contrived Bang Chong Ad.

Shot Headline Payoff early on the Monday morning, as Paul had to head to class and Rudi had to whisk me off to the airport. Don't know what happened inbetween... thee was the two hour flight back up to Jozi, of course... but there may have been a delay. Who knows? My iPod was working. In any case, I had to hook up that afternoon with the lads from Familia... for to shoot the latest ad, see? A skateboard company that I have been involved with since the beginning of their existence, they are (for me) everything that I love and have loved (since I stopped) about skateboarding.

Along with having two board series with them (very much a collaborative effort) I have also shot all the ads up to number fourteen... with Session Magazine coming out every two months (or at least, intending to) that is well over three years of co-operation. And trust me... the arithmetic is right... Session is very much on it's own time clock. Still, Ad No. 15 featured a video grab of Loucas, the new team member, and a call to him to start filming... oddly enough the footage, shot by J.J. Harris, was credited to me. Sorry J.J. Speaking of filming, there are plans a foot, for a new project to follow on after the excellent Bang Chong. I will not even attempt to describe it... just make a point of seeing it. Here are some ads in the meantime; expect to see a change in the future...



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