Monday, February 19, 2007

"... Shove Vitamins In Their Toilet Rolls."

The finer art of phone licking, and stolen ashtrays (yet to be electric). Seen "How To Get Ahead In Advertising?" Well, imagine if two Capetonian students rewrote it for the web, but without the visuals. Or the characters. Or the plot. But plenty, plenty non sequiturs. Meet Headline Payoff... at this stage, they are so far gone, you may never catch up, but give the Fridge of the Future a chance, or better yet, their patented Name Translator. They'll make it personal, and maybe help you blow off steam while trying to hide the MySpace logo in your task bar as you congratulate yourself on having worked out a way around your boss's insistence on the firewall that supposedly restores productivity. If they don't make you laugh... they'll do their best to make you cry.

Note: Seeing that they are both copywriters (from now on also known as copytypers), they feel it absolutely necesarry to re-type, re-write and re-think everything about 4372 times so this section will constantly change



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