Sunday, February 18, 2007

"The Eastern Faces Of Table Mountain Dominate The Skyline."

Fokofpolisiekar... a Sunday matinée, acoustic (it was said). A massive crowd, all on the lawns of Kirstenbosch, where the "eastern faces of Table Mountain dominate the skyline." Also, "in summer, a popular series of outdoor concerts are held in the gardens on Sunday evenings". No shit. Popular as in over 5 000? Perhaps? The image below only shows two thirds of the sweep... the security had their hands full keeping the fans off the endangered flora in front of the stage... still the nicest bouncers I have met though.

Neels Van Jaarsveld was in attendance, and can be seen arms aloft, getting his own shot of the proceedings (just to the right of the surfer's elbow, past the cat with the afro). I mention him in particular because as of June 11th, he is now a proud owner of a limited edition print of that shot, bought after an "artist's walk-through" at the Rooke Gallery. Thanks Neels... it means a lot when the fans purchase the work as well as those who regard it more in the contemporary art context.



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