Friday, February 02, 2007

"Like Icebergs Mating. Hard."

To begin to describe the mindset in which one should listen and view kidofdoom, this should firstly be understood. Many works of art do not appear to make cognitive or moral claims. Music provides obvious examples here, much music, particularly the non-vocal variety having no pretense to moral or intellectual claims. There are thousands of concertos that have nothing to say about anything. Much art has no claim or truth, this might further be enhanced by saying that many of the arts lack the proper machinery, the proper conventions, with which to convey assertions. NB. Even in those arts that have the proper linguistic machinery, there are examples of works that have no purchase on the truth. We strive to not force our specific idea on anything or anyone, what we are indeed saying is: Put on your dancing shoes!!!!!! - Kidofdoom.

Kid of Doom live are definitively a sublime experience in tradition of the Romantic definition of this term – they successfully mimic that terrified awe present in the apprehension of the natural world’s absolute indifference to human will or presence. Like icebergs mating. Hard.



Blogger Lynn said...

I love Barend's facial expression on the top picture :)


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