Friday, May 11, 2007

Felicity Thomas (For Dazed & Confused : Japan)

In The Words Of
The Counsellor: "I work a nine to five at a bank but my heart is with people, I have a heart to help people through this and let them know they aren’t alone. I am like their friend, even though it starts from a sad place in their lives. I used to be a full time counsellor but I haven’t been as healthy as I would like. What happened was that in December 2004 I gave birth to my youngest boy and almost died, I am so grateful because God had a reason for me to still be alive. I am still there for youngsters that need counselling, my passion and heart is for young people. I still do what I can to reach out to our youth in our Church where I would talk to them; sometimes all people want is for someone to care enough to find out where they are at in their lives how they feel. That’s how I see my role. So everyone has a story as to why they do what they do. This is mine: I gave birth to a beautiful daughter before I got married. I had been in an abusive relationship; I knew I had to do something to help myself.

"My first choices weren’t the right ones, but thank God He was there for me still. I then decided to start off with a six week counselling course at Care. While trying to find a way to heal myself I found that I could help other people. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it. So when I worked with Care, they would call me if they had any clients to see. The lady that I worked through at Care relocated to another area of the country and today I am not certain if the organization still exists. Anyhow I then started working with Westbury Aids Support Groups, which is our local township. There I started counselling more with people that had HIV/Aids. Recently I have two friends who told me their status, they are HIV positive. They are the ones that I live for now. I cant lie, its hard, when the people who aren’t well anymore are your friends, to be very honest it took me a long time to accept it, but God has given me the strength that I need. My one friend I counsel and the other I am just a friend to. I have worked with many different HIV/Aids positive people, I am just thankful that many of the ones I have counselled haven’t died.

"But I do remember this one lady I counselled that touched my heart. I would go there to her house after work and she would just want peanut butter on bread. I got some of my friends who are intercessors to come and pray with her and led her to Jesus Christ. The ultimate is the soul that needs restoration and only God can give that. The saddest part: I lost my nephew at the same time I lost my patient and that was the hardest for me. I did not really have time to say good-bye to her. When I came back from the funeral of my nephew in Knysna I heard she also passed on. I then did not want to go on, I remember thinking that if this was how it felt to loose someone dear to you to HIV/Aids, something you can’t see, then I didn’t want to go on. After thinking a lot I decided that I would get professional help so that I could go back to helping people. Its hard still, but I know that I am doing what I should be, however hard or challenging it might be, I have a heart for people..."



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