Sunday, November 11, 2007

D'You Know What I Mean?

Finally seen the first Van Coke Kartel portrait I did out in a public forum... here's to the birth of the first godson of Fokofpolisiekar...

"Look into the wall of my mind's eye
I think I know, but I don't know why
Questions of the answers you might need...

I met my maker, I made him cry
And on my shoulder, he asked me why
As people won't fly through the storm
I said listen up now, we don't even know you're born

All my people right here, right now
D'you know what I mean?" - Oasis

(This is not a Monday Morning lyrical reference, by the way...)



Blogger Ryan said...

so many references from Noel's influences in this song too, the Beatles, Bob Dylan.. and the morse code in the background "Strawberry Fields Forever"..
Really looking forward to the Van Coke Cartel stuff.

Blogger Musa Nxumalo said...

Ok I have no Idea of waht you guys are talking about at this moment but check this, i dig your work dude.My eyes are always pealed for the new postings, What i mean is "YOUR BLOG IS MY HOME"

Blogger Liam Lynch said...

Thanks Musa... sorry for the late reply.

Did you change the name of your blog lately? Got a bit lost for a while...



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