Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Morning You Look So Fine: Against Me!

Been busy a long time... internet up to shit though. Got back from Cape Town last week and been burying myself in work (and Mighty Boosh... and Oasis bio's)...

As you do.

Had an odd conversation in the wee small hours of last Saturday morning; an old mate, and a lot of free booze (him, not me) and very little sleep (me, not him) and we got onto the topic of blazing trails. Pulling shapes, if you will. I know he feels a bit odd about it, but my only weirdness of the evening was not so much inspired by his calling me a "taste-maker" as it was by us referring to me in the third person. Truth be told though, I'd rather be a bit tasty than a tastemaker.

That said, it's been a bit bizarre in many ways the last few... there is a commercial world I move through that takes itself far too seriously, and yet sees "art" more as a 40-year-old would a Porsche, or a Blonde a boobjob, than just... well, "art" , I guess. Thank the Lord for Zander Blom, ACG and Mr. Geers, I suppose.

More on that later... can't be arsed now, really. The above is finally for Snakey... I think my original is better, don't you? ;-)

Here's what's been knocking around between my eardrums lately.

"Derived influence in style of dress.
Similar trends in camera technique and editing...

All the taste makers drinking from the same glass.
Is there anyone thinking what I am?
Is there anyone thinking what I am?" - Against Me!

Don't worry, none of this is aimed at you... well, maybe you there in the too-tight shoes... and you next to him. And that ponce on your left...



Blogger rx said...

2 things: are you reffering to Kendell Geers?(a true south african hero) and thanks for dedicating your blog to against Me!

Blogger Liam Lynch said...

Mmm, I don't know about hero... though here's where the Kendal/ACG reference connects:

But Against Me!... yeah, for sure. A plesh.



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