Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Morning You Look So Fine: Aloe Blacc.

None of this is going to make any sense... but it's a line, amongst others, that I got to hear of Aloe's. There was a listening session, and a recording session, and somewhere between I went to the hospital, and returned to the studio to find part of my finger on the floor.

Drama at the Red Bull Music Academy's most recent Cape Town experiment... thank Gott for music to zone to... even with painkillers and night fever, I still have this jam circling...

"I mean damn, why you even come out to the club?
If you wasn’t up in this bitch looking for love..." – Aloe Blacc

It should make sense in the near future... maybe when Change Your Mind sees the light of day. The man treats genres like hurdles...

And then there's Wally... a whole other story...



Blogger aNaY said...

part of your finger on the floor???

Blogger Ben Sass said...

Liam what happened to your finger?!?

Blogger Anna Thackray said...

How's the knee doing?

Blogger Story Boy said...

wooah, thats way crazier than i remember things!

whats this finger story?

Blogger Liam Lynch said...

Story Boy is Anwar? I guess?

Anyway, Ana, Ben and SB: I was closing a window in the upstair's studio, and had something in my other hand and was having a hassle... what with a full-on South Easter blowing, and more paint on the latch than there should have been, I employed a little too much force and put my hand straight through the window.

Cut my thumb open quite badly, along with my first and third fingers; 9 stitches in all.

Ct a piece off my middle finger, just before the knuckle, about the size and shape of a halved peanut. Found it on the studio floor when I returned from the hospital.

Kept it in a tissue for days...tossed it before flying back to Pretoria... eeew.

And to Anna: Better than the finger... healing seems alright; will go for x-rays soon, see if I need surgery; hope not, and hope to be running again soon.



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