Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Morning You Look So Fine: The Smiths

Bizarre moments of late... what with the press for my exhibition, I have been skylined I guess; easier to pick off; in a better position to hear some bizarre theories as to how and why I do what I do. Not least of which regard my temper and my apparent "god complex". Guess I shouldn't have made that comment at Oppiaarde about not needing wellingtons, as I am fully capable of walking on water. I do have a big, loud mouth... blarney, like. But I do get pissed at the thought of people approaching stories sheep-like, more form than content, and without the ability to think for themselves or even critique their work to the point that they can at least see through the SHIT they themselves write about it; one reason I prefer photography to writing, though I can turn a phrase should the need arise.

Writing aside though, I get the feeling there
are those that pigeon hole what I am up to, trying to reduce it to an aesthetic formula, but to no effect. Perhaps I do it myself... to myself. Either way, I am quite happy to mouth off about it... but rest assured, you can come talk to me about it if you want, rather than sucking your thumb. I promise to tell you to fuck off (if I am so inclined) in the first 5, rather than waste your time...

These pictures are reference to gesture (or a gesture to reference)... an attempt to climb out of the box my god complex apparently put me in. Safe.

"Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking

When I said I'd like to smash every tooth
In your head...

Oh ... sweetness, sweetness, I was only joking
When I said by rights you should be
Bludgeoned in your bed..." - The Smiths



Blogger Musa said...

I am eager to know, what is it that you have read or heard that makes you feel so angry. TA!

Blogger Liam Lynch said...

"Angry" is perhaps too strong a word... my reference to others and the use of "SHIT" is more an indication of my temper and a piss-take of myself. Pot... kettle... Sirius Black.

But the initial statement has to do with has to do with comments as to reasons for my shooting in colour, to be being lazy, to choice of subject matter.

The fact that these things could be issues for others in the first place seems laughable, but the conclusions that some have made, based on facts not in evidence (or theories that have facts against them) have left me bemused.

End of the day though... I work to clarify things for myself. It has little to do with how others see it, when it comes down to whether I have succeeded or not.

Blogger Liam Lynch said...

Also, you could just say I am throwing my toys... but given that it's my blog, you could say: "It's my party, and..."

Blogger OMTD said...

Thanks for the photo of C-mon & Kypski on the 206 stage.
YEAH. Those guys were fantastic.

rant all you like its your blog, no matter what perception people form of you and your work.


Blogger Liam Lynch said...

Thanks Linda... and yeah, for a bunch of Dutchmen, C-Mon and crew blew my mind. I am even down in print somewhere as raving about them.


Blogger OMTD said...

yeah those Dutchmen totally blew my mind too. I knew while watching them that I just had to release them on OMTD and ensure they came back to SA. (still sorting out the latter but at least album is in SA.

Will send you copies of their music vids (will be on tv too) you'll fall off your chair laughing, the vids are brilliant!

Blogger OMTD said...

By the way, be keen to read your in print about C&K. if you can remember where it is, please send link or let me know if can.

Blogger Liam Lynch said...

Sorry Linda, thought I had already replied...

Rebecca Kahn wrote about my excitement in Blunt Magazine...



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