Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sea Level.

I am never sure why, but I just cannot connect with Durban. That said, whenever I am down there (and wind up having to scrape the air off with a spoon) I am reminded that there is something that I love about the place: the people... be it in general, or those that I know.

Thanks to Craig and Jo(e)(?) for putting me up; even though you are both actually Cape Townians, you remind me of that Durb's spirit. And thanks for staying up all night with me, as I talked... and talked... and talked. Looks like even herbal tea is not an antidote.

And thanks to Dorin for having me by his house... Dorin was my first introduction to Durban hospitality, a good few years back, when I met all his friends at Splashy. And speaking of Dorin's friends, thanks to Ian, Rupert, Yusuf, Andrew (Gear wha?), Beer and all those whose names I have already forgotten through sleep deprivation and too much caffeine. My steak was still better than those nasty looking veggie patties... which Matt will tell you he braaied.

And thanks to my Mom, who called with a storm warning, and made me think I was never going to get out of there... this is what it looked like, so you'll understand why I believed you.

And thanks to whoever undercooked that chicken. I was as sick as a dog.



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